Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yucky House Update

The new estimate is that the house will be done by Spring. I want to point out that spring is still months away. The new roof is finally on and now we're starting on the landscaping.
Here's the back yard minus all the trees and the crappy fence. The new fence should be up by the end of next weekend...maybe.

Maddox is such a helper! Here he is hammering a rock.

Here he is digging. This is the pile of dirt that's ready to be loaded onto the dump truck.

Maddox helps by shoveling it back into the wheel barrow.

Here is the once empty wheel barrow when Maddox is "done".
That's actually quite a bit of dirt he moved.

Helping Grandpa drive the tractor.

Here is the hole we dug for the egress window,
this is the project for the weekend after the fence.

Here is Maddox in the hole with Grandpa re-measuring the window.
He doesn't trust Grandpa's measurements.

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