Monday, September 3, 2007

I Feel Better

So those of you who don't know, Maddox still isn't talking. He went to see the ear specialist two weeks ago and we now know for sure that he's hearing well out of both ears. We didn't know that before, so that was GOOD news. We left the appointment knowing that when we go back in another four months, if he still isn't talking, we'll consider a speech evaluation. Well...he got an all day speech evaluation yesterday...for FREE! (Not that I'm too cheap to pay for one if he needed it, but I mean FREE!) We went to the cabin for the day and Shawn's parents had some friends out there with them. At the end of the day Teri told me that she was a speech therapist, I had no idea for most of the day. She told me the things that I'm doing really well, and gave me pointers on some things to try. She isn't worried. She's not the first person to tell me that, but she has a TITLE! She has a Masters degree and charges $70 an hour. I've decided she MUST know her stuff, and that I will believe her. Since I've decided to believe her, now I feel better.

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