Saturday, September 25, 2010

What have I been up to? homework...I think you get the idea. I have been able to get a little bit done in my craft room. I got this little wallhanging done...finally.
This quilt for Noah has been quilted and is in line for binding. Noah is 6 months old so I need to get on this. (picture does not do it justice, the colors look funky)
This quilt top is finished and awaiting some quality time with Clyde (quilting machine). This is going to be for Chloe, hopefully for Christmas.

And this panel needs to be turned into a quilt by October 16th for Silvia's baby shower. Where did the summer go?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holy Cow! I Won!!!!!!!

Kelly over at I Have A Notion (IHAN) and AccuQuilt teamed up to giveaway an AccuQuilter GO! and three dies of the winner's chosing. Guess what? I WON!!! I cannot believe it!! A HUGE thank you to both IHAN and AccuQuilt!! The AccuQuilter GO! is the coolest thing since sliced bread, no more cutting everything with a rotary cutter for me! So which three dies did I pick? I picked two strip cutter dies, one in 1 1/2" and one in 2 1/2". I don't know how many times I have carefully cut my strips to find out that there is a wobble.
No more wobbles for me! Then, I picked the Drunkards Path die. This die will literally save me hours of cutting time. I'll be posting more about the AccuQuilter GO! after I get it in my hands and get to play around with it. I CANNOT wait! WooHoo!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Craft Room Revealed....

So, there's this giveaway over at I Have A Notion (IHAN) to win an AccuQuilter GO! The catch? One of the ways to enter is to post pictures of your sewing space, un-staged. So here we go!
This is a picture of the futon in my craft room/guest room. This is the way it always looks. I stack projects on it. The only exception is when company comes and I move the stacks of unfinished projects to another surface. This futon drives Shawn (husband) crazy.
This is my cutting table and "design wall." I'm cutting a lot of 1 1/2" squares right now.

And finally, my sewing table. I got lucky, it usually looks worse than this.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Things We've Been Doing...

Maddox has been working out in the shop at his toolbench with his new tools from Christmas.
Making Rice Krispies treats.

Chopping down ur Christmas tree.


Jumping on the bed...Dad doesn't seem to mind.
Maddox bowling for the first time in Clarkston.

Swimming lessons. (He did not pass)

Spending time at the cabin.

Music camp.


Long time no bloggy! Life has been busy. Everybody probably wants an update, so here it is: I am doing great in school! Shawn and I will both finish up next Spring. Maddox is FINALLY happy at North Wall, cause 3 mornings a week was a big deal, but not anymore. He starts a Spanish class at the end of this month. He claims he doesn't need to go because he "speaks English". Here he is before his Christmas program: He is 42" now and tall enough for the water slides, which he loves. He's liking ice skating once a week, Hockey here we come!

The shop is up, all the concrete is poured, all that's left to do is the inside. Will post a pic soon.