Friday, February 27, 2009

Scrambler Forced out of Hibernation

Maddox got "Scrambler" out today and wanted to do a little off roadin'. He would drag/pull/force Scrambler up a snow bank, not very far. Then he'd climb up and on and drive it down, then across the driveway and try to go up another snow bank. Check out the video:

Wait...he gets another idea...

He starts to "make" a ramp. Never good....

Maddox Birthday Pictures

Maddox recently turned 3 and had a great time at his party, which he should have because he basically planned it himself. He chose the ball pit at 5 Mile Heights Pizza.

Here's Grandpa Dale pulling the kids out of the ball pit so they can jump in again. Maddox invited his two best friends Joaquin and Shane. I figured three, 3 year olds at a party was plenty.
The hit of the party, besides the ball pit, was his birthday cake made by his Grandma JoJo. It's an O'Hare flat bed tow truck cake. He LOVED it! His birthday shirt was a gift from his Godfather Dan. It has a giant 3 on it along with Handy Manny and the tools, and on the bottom it's personalized with his name. I love anything personlized because you can't just go out and find something with "Maddox" on it.

"Art" Quilt

So I'm taking an Art Quilt Class right now and here's my first "masterpiece.

Titled "Masterpiece"

For the first one, it was supposed to look sort of rough and be like a collage with fabric and other materials. There's yarn, beads, buttons, etc. The big white button is actually free-floating behind some white tulle. The stitching is in different widths of zig zags using bright green thread. Shawn doesn't care for this work of art. I like it because I made it, the colors go well in my craft room where it is currently hanging, and I had fun making it. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


His First Tattoo! I'm so proud!
If you can't tell (I took the pic with my phone), it's a tow truck tattoo.

Gotta Update...

My friend Lisa finally did it. She started a blog, you should go visit ... Lisa Marie Plus Three! Her blog won't let me leave a comment though. Oh well. Guess now I'll have to start updating my blog more often.