Monday, September 10, 2007

That Kid!

So my kid CAN talk...when he feels like it. Today we had a play date with a family we don't know very well yet. They have a daughter two weeks younger then Maddox, Ella. Right off the bat she wasn't paying attention to Maddox like he thought she should be so he said, plain as day, "Ella"! I looked at the mom and asked her if he said what I thought he said. She looked at me like I was a crayon short of a full box (she might not be wrong) and said "he said Ella". No big deal to her, BIG deal to me. So I'm signing him up for SoccerTots this week and he's going to be hanging out with other kids more. That's the only thing that seems to be working. I've been trying to do what the speech therapist said to do. Here's the kid is smarter than me and won't play along. If we wait longer than 20 seconds for him to 'TELL" us what he wants, he gives us a disgusted look and walks away, like we're wasting his time. He's not even 2.

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Molly said...

oooohhhh, he's a smart one that kid. Watch out, you're in for a good time coming up here real soon! :)