Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Yucky House Update

More progress is being made, but I still hate this house. It will continue to rule our lives probably until Spring. This is the kitchen after it's been gutted.
This is the basement. We'll be putting in an egress window in two weeks
and pouring a concrete floor the end of October/beginning of November.
When finished it will be the 3rd bedroom and a big family room.

Here's me operating the backhoe. (Horrible pic of me!)
I didn't actually do anything important, just moved some dirt around.

Here's Maddox driving the backhoe with Grandpa.
He liked the cause and effect of the levers.
He was really working hard.
Is it any wonder that he's obsessed with construction and trucks right now?!
We're using the backhoe to level out and shape the landscaping.
We're loading the excess dirt into the dump truck.
It's great that all we have to pay for is the gas to run these machines
because someone in the family owns them.
Here's Maddox heading off in the dump truck to dump the load.

Maddox loved to watch the dump truck in action.

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