Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Soccer Tots!

Soccer Tots started yesterday and Maddox LOVED it! The above picture
isn't very good but this is Maddox as soon as we walked out onto the turf and he
saw all the soccer balls. He started running!
Here he is kicking, and getting distracted. He's one of the youngest.
They didn't have enough interest in the youngest class so they put him in the older class.
Most of the kids are 2 1/2, and Maddox kicks better than quite a few of them.
He doesn't follow directions near as well.
He loved to pick up and bring it to "coach".

He was tired of me taking pictures but I wanted to capture his soccer outfit.
Notice that his shirt says "Soccer Champions".

All in all we had a great time. Great exercise for me because "coach" kept us running the whole 45 minutes. Half the class was for fun and geared toward the kids with songs and games. During the other half you could tell that they were training them to be soccer players. I talked to "coach" afterwards about Maddox being so young, since yesterday was kind of like a trial run. He said that getting them to have fun is half the battle and Maddox had NO problem having fun. A couple of the little girls didn't want to participate and their Moms had to carry them running for some of the activities. And I COULD NOT believe this one family. Their son was 18 months, so even younger than Maddox. After a few minutes the Mom told the Dad that it wasn't working out so he took over. This is a quote overheard from this dad "You're going to do this, you don't see any of the other kids crying!" Holy shit! The kid was only 18 months, and honestly he was following directions better than Maddox, what did that guy expect?!
So other than the psycho dad we're looking forward to next week!

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