Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ways in which I've ruined Maddox's

1. I wouldn't let him drink pop. (I NEEDED some caffeine!)

2. I made him chicken nuggets and bananas for lunch. Apparently he didn't want that.

3. I made him take a nap.

4. I made him a 2nd lunch of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and grapes. Apparently he didn't want that either. (Before I get comments...I realize that I shouldn't just make him 80 different things to eat. However, the kid hadn't eaten anything except a bowl of oatmeal all day, which is unusual) He didn't eat this lunch either, so that's it.

5. I changed his poopy diaper.

6. I made him put shoes on to go outside to play.

7. I wouldn't let him take a bite out of everything on Great Grandpa's snack plate.

Each individual event resulted in a huge meltdown today. Honestly, what kind of mother am I? So young and already I've ruined his life.


Sheila Jacobson said...

Relax! Without trying, you can probably ruin his life all over again tomorrow. :o)

Anonymous said...

Ha. It's more like the many ways in which Maddox ruined YOUR life today. Stubborn little dude! Chin up, you did everything right; it can be so frustrating, can't it? Just know that as long as you can keep the upper hand, you're being a mom, and that's what counts. Kids LIKE limits, so I'm told. :)

Lisa M.