Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Recently I've been checking out a blog where every Wednesday she posts a new helpful tip or idea. So I decided to get in the spirit and post a tip of my own.
Toddler Vitamin
My toddler is lactose intolerant, and going through the typical picky eater phase and I'm concerned that he's getting enough good things to eat. Before he had enough teeth to chew the gummy vitamins I would use chewable vitamins. The trick is to buy a pill crusher from the dollar store to crush the vitamin and then disguise it in applesauce, or soy yogurt, or something like that. He hardly realized that he was getting a vitamin, and I feel a little better on the days when he hardly eats anything. For more great tips check out the blog that hosts Works-for-Me-Wednesday at:

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