Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big Boy...Already

So Maddox has gotten SO big! He's not quite a year and a half and has starting wearing 3T in clothes and a size 7 shoe. The doctor says he's the size of a two year old. As a result many of his toys are no longer fun for him and none of his clothes fit. So I had a major room overhaul yesterday, and a sort of awakening. Many, many things are going to Others Mothers (2nd hand children's store) today, but I'm a little sad. All the toys he used to play with and the little outfits he used to wear reminded me of what he was like a few months ago. (I kept my favorites) Alas, I can't keep everything just in case I have another baby. And the really scary part is that I'm no longer sure that I don't want to have anymore babies. Shawn wants another baby, hence why we kept some stuff, but I've been pretty adamant about being done. Now I'm waffling. Someone I know just had a baby, who is SO cute, and that got me thinking. And getting rid of Maddox's old stuff got me thinking.... I'm not ready to go out and get knocked up again, but maybe I'll hold off on getting the ol' tubes tied just yet.

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