Friday, July 27, 2007

$356.76 Later...

I am forever regretful that I cancelled the doggy insurance we HAD on Duncan. This dog is expensive! $2000 worth of knee surgery and multiple trips to the vet for ingesting many miscellaneous not-so-good things, among other things. Well, last night he was up several times vomiting. I looked online and then thought it was because a certain toddler fed him raisins two days ago. Apparently raisins are TOXIC to dogs, please take note of this. So I called my Grandma at 6:30 this morning to come stay with Maddox, and I took Duncan to the vet as soon as they opened. (raisins can cause renal failure and/or death) An hour and a half, & $356.76 later, I now know Duncan "probably" has an ulcer. Maybe. Now I need to go to the store and get some Prilosec OTC to give him for the next 2 weeks, along with 3 other prescriptions. Also, I now have the pleasure of cooking for my dog. For the next 3 to 4 days he's supposed to eat Chicken Noodle Soup or a combination of 1/2 ground beef, 1/2 rice. Of course I can't just cook for Duncan and not Sophie, so I'll be cooking for two dogs. Doggy insurance would have been good.


David said...

Hi, I just came over from onorach to see the winners. That is too bad about the dog insurance. Our first cat got pretty sick-it was too late to do anything, but I can imagine that it could have been very expensive otherwise! Nice to meet you. Have fun cooking for your dogs. BTW, Duncan is a beautiful dog!

peppylady said...

I'm over from "Dogs Day Summer Give Away" and I notice your doggy.
We had a dog like that name "Butch" put recently he had to put him down and I cried for a week.

So today blog I have my dog "Daisy" posted