Thursday, July 5, 2007

65 Things About Me...

OK folks, here it is.

65 things…

1. I hate laundry, I know it’s easy, I still hate it.
2. I love any kind of cake.
3. I hate every kind of pie.
4. I didn’t learn how to drive a manual transmission until college.
5. I used to smoke pot.
6. I hate wine. I know it’s considered classy to drink wine, but I think it tastes like ass.
7. I am addicted to the TV show Bones.
8. I hate the word “turd”. It’s disgusting.
9. I love fruit, especially if it’s in a Fruit Salad, with cool whip. YUM!
10. I check my e-mail several times daily just in case someone has something to say to me.
11. I would love to get a pedicure but I think my feet are too ugly.
12. I think the word “panties” is stupid.
13. I used to play the flute and saxophone (not very well) in high school.
14. I went to band camp, but nothing exciting happened there.
15. I’m terrified of coyotes.
16. I get carsick now. I never used to.
17. I think the cost of health care is outrageous.
18. So are gas prices. It makes me sick!
19. Sometimes I wish I had a job. (Not that taking care of Maddox is easy)
20. I wish I had a bigger house.
21. Even though I would love to move to a bigger house, the thought of leaving my house now makes me sad.
22. I think walnuts are gross.
23. My Dad calls me Cuddles.
24. I have a squished penny from every place I’ve ever traveled. (Actually multiple pennies)
25. I can be overly critical.
26. I wish I were skinny, but can’t stop eating.
27. I don’t have a favorite color, I like all colors.
28. I sit on the fence on many issues. I find it hard to take a definitive stand.
29. I’m really good at seeing both sides of an argument, as long as they’re not my arguments.
30. I can hold a grudge, but wish that I wouldn’t.
31. I used to want to be a kindergarten teacher.
32. I used to have a roommate in college who was a gay, drag queen, from Madagascar.
33. I want to get another tattoo but I can’t decide on what I want, so I’ll wait.
34. I didn’t know how to cook until I met Shawn.
35. Now I’m actually starting to like cooking.
36. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano.
37. I want to go somewhere in Europe before I die.
38. I’m also afraid of sharks.
39. I WILL go back to Hawaii someday to boogie board. I rock at it!
40. We haven’t sailed our sailboat in three years, it’s sad.
41. I would love to volunteer, but I honestly can’t find the time right now.
42. I like bowling, hate the shoes.
43. Mountain Dew has so much caffeine it actually makes me sick. I used to drink it all the time in high school, I must be getting old.
44. I can change all four tires on a car faster than a lot of men.
45. After being pregnant my feet have never returned to their former size. I honestly thought they would.
46. I never watch the news.
47. Subsequently, I never really know what’s going on in the world. I’m ok with that.
48. I’m a crazy list maker; I have a list for everything.
49. I often forget to reference the lists I so painstakingly compile.
50. I can only drink coffee if it’s in latte or mocha form, and only hot, but then I LOVE it!
51. I’m secretly sorry that one of my dog’s names is Sophie, because that is such an adorable name for a little girl. That is, supposing I was having another baby, and that it was a girl.
52. I think people who have multiple stuffed animals in the back window of their car are ridiculous. I apologize if this applies to you.
53. When a guy has a head that’s been shaved bald (Vin Diesel Chris Daughtry, etc.), I think it’s outrageously sexy. But it’s probably a lot of upkeep.
54. I don’t balance the checkbook in my household.
55. I love to quilt, even though I know it’s an “old lady” thing.
56. I’m obsessed with buying fabric. I have fabric for more projects than I could make in a year.
57. I’ve saved every quilting magazine I’ve ever gotten. When I’m old I’ll be set.
58. I once ate an entire half gallon of ice cream. Gross.
59. Potato skins are my favorite appetizer. (Chips and Salsa are a given)
60. I hate Dr. Pepper.
61. My all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
62. Video games are so not a waste of time or money, contrary to popular belief.
63. I wish I had a Wii. I wouldn’t throw MY controller through the TV.
64. My favorite invention would have to be Clorox wipes.
65. I’ve wanted to get my nose pierced forever, and finally did!

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Molly said...

Fascinating! A lot of things I didn't know about you--and a lot I did, of course. :)