Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm at it Again...

I've been winning stuff like crazy again! I keep telling you people to check out Prizey, I really think you should. Here are the two latest prizes I've won:

From the Gifted Grasshopper I won 10 Party Totes: This gift set will include our miniature signature Gifted Grasshopper tote bag, a soft covered book and our signature Gifted Grasshopper glasses, pencil and sticky notes.

Then from Goody Blog I won the Red Vines Licorice Giveaway! We'll have tons of licorice over at our house for quite a while. WooHoo!

I think I should also take a moment to inform you that over at Bloggy Giveaways they'll be hosting another Carnival starting next Monday, April 21st. By now, you should know all about the carnival. Every time I hold a giveaway here at my blog, linked to the carnival, and every time I also win at least one prize. Don't remember? Click here or here. Last time there were over 600 giveaways! That's over 600 different things you might win! You should check it out!

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