Friday, April 18, 2008

And Now for a Blues Montage! (I LOVE these things)

So we just dropped everything and got the hell out of dodge last night. Headed for the cabin. Shawn's Dad (or Grandpa Dale to Maddox) was out there helping remodel the kitchen. Maddox had a blast, loves to throw the rocks in the water! We've never seen so much wildlife up there before. Saw a couple of Eagles, a moose (even for a lady moose it was BIG), and several...I'll call them groupings of deer. I'd call them herds of deer, but how many deer do there have to be for it to be considered a herd? The most we saw together were 7. We stopped counting deer after 15. Late night for Maddox, didn't get home until 9, might be able to talk Shawn into going out again Sunday.

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