Thursday, April 3, 2008

$18 later... who knew?

Every year near our home (in between Fred Meyer and Kmart) a carnival comes to town during Spring Break. Tonight we took Maddox to his first carnival. We were a little hesitant. It really could have gone either way (love or hate) but we took a chance. I'm glad we did because Maddox had a GREAT time! The only problem was that he didn't want to go on the kiddie rides. He wanted to go on the Octopus (yeah right, like we were going to let him go on that, he wasn't tall enough anyway) but settled for the kiddie rollar coaster. Again we were hesitant. I mean to take a 2 year old, who had never gone on a carnival ride before, on a rollar coaster first thing probably isn't the greatest idea. So we started him out on the air planes. He was un-impressed. He was adamant that the rollar coaster was for him. So Shawn went on it with him. This thing went fast and up and down and all around and he LOVED it. Had a huge grin the entire time. Got off and made it known that he wanted to get right back on. Yes, he went twice in a row. Then...we ran out of tickets. $18 ( who knew it was going to cost that much) got him 3 rides (one of us went with him on each ride so it took twice the tickets) and I wasn't going to spend any more money. I wish I would have taken the camera. Oh well, there's always next year.

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