Saturday, April 5, 2008

Crazy Dinner...

So we went to IHOP for dinner tonight. Breakfast is Maddox's favorite meal of the day. Little did we know that they have a "Horton Hears a Who" inspired breakfast. (how could we NOT know? we must live under a rock most of the time, we never know what's going on) Pictures of it were plastered all over the place. Three guesses what Maddox wanted for dinner?! We decided a little extra sugar probably wouldn't kill him, and since we wish they would have had something like this when we were kids...we let him have it. (We're getting old so no guarantee that even if "they" did have something like this we would remember it) Check it out:

This was the Beezlenut Splash that we ordered for everyone to share. My personal opinion is that it was gross, but Maddox thought it was awesome. It's lemon-lime pop with chunks of cherry and berry blue Jell-O in it. Jell-O that you suck through a straw. I think I should mention that sucking Jell-O through a straw is just wrong. Shawn thought it made the Jell-O edible. (he hates Jell-O...who hates Jell-O??) To each his own.
This was the Grand Finale...*drum roll*...Who-Cakes. Pancakes covered with Boysenberry and Blueberry glaze, topped with rainbow chocolate chips and a pink lollipop. (the lollipop was hidden first thing then secretly disposed of) These things were so sweet Maddox gave up after a while and asked to eat my scrambled eggs, which he normally won't touch. So, as far as dinner goes, the only way it could have been any less-healthy was if we would have let him eat straight up candy. I have to say that, while it was probably another bad parenting moment on our part, Shawn and I had a really great time trying these things with Maddox and watching his face light up when they brought him that stack of Who-Cakes. Hopefully a crappy dinner every once in a while won't kill him.

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TD said...

How fun! The pancakes look great, not so sure about the drink!?!?