Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Yard Sale of the Season

So Maxie and I ventured out at 7:30 this morning (I with Starbucks in hand) to make the first yard sale rounds of the season. We left the boys at home with their Dads. There weren't too many sales today, but it was nice to get out, and gave us a taste of what's to come. My two purchases came to a grand total of $7. Maxie bought a lot more than I did this time out.

I bought this Spider Man fuzzy foam chair for $3. Maddox doesn't know who Spider Man is but it's the same type of chair Joaquin (Maxie's son) has that Maddox really likes and I wanted to have another chair for when Joaquin comes over. Brought it home, took off the cover and washed it, and now it looks brand new and Maddox loves it.

Then I bought this adorable farm animal framed picture for $4. (it's pretty big) I hung it in his room and he loves it too! All in all I think I did really well and am very happy with my purchases.

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