Friday, October 19, 2007

100 Things...

The time has come…in true blogging fashion my 100th post is 100 things that you may or may not know about me. I was SO EXCITED to do this that I actually tried a while back. Click HERE to check out 65 things about me. (Coming up with 100 things is hard! I started my new list after my 90th post) Here it is:

100 Things

1. I’ve recently developed an allergy to cats.
2. I still don’t understand how a person can develop an allergy to something all of a sudden, after over 25 years.
3. I’m addicted to Bath & Body Works body splash.
4. My current body splash scent: pineapple.
5. Right now my dream job would be working at Joanne’s Fabrics, or any quilt shop.
6. If I worked at my dream job I would probably spend my paycheck before I got it.
7. I would LOVE to start rock climbing again.
8. Currently I’m too fat to start rock climbing again.
9. I HATE spiders. I don’t care how small or big they are I hate them all equally.
10. I forget to buy stamps at the store EVERY time I need to buy them.
11. I wish I knew how to really dance, like ballroom or something.
12. Double sided tape ROCKS!
13. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately, can’t turn off my brain.
14. It seems ironic that I can’t turn off my brain at night because it doesn’t feel like I use it during the day.
15. People who don’t signal when they’re turning are as stupid as people who don’t turn their blinker off after they’ve turned. They annoy me.
16. My friend Lisa has a blog that I REALLY want to read, maybe someday she’ll let me. (HINT, HINT)
17. I’ve started to realize that I have an online giveaway addiction.
18. I now only sign up to win the prizes that I really want. I used to sign up for everything.
19. My least favorite rental home repair is working on toilets. Damn wax ring!
20. I actually like painting.
21. Not the prepping or the cleanup, just the painting part.
22. I once doubled my money at blackjack…
23. Since I only started with $20, I only won $20.
24. Math was my worst subject in school…
25. I had to take algebra three times.
26. I wish I had one of those big trampolines in my backyard.
27. I think Bigfoot exists.
28. My first job was at Wendy’s. Would you like to Biggie Size that?
29. I seriously think I’m allergic to maple syrup.
30. I can’t keep any plants in my house alive.
31. I’m afraid to wear contact lenses…
32. Considering getting Lasik.
33. I’m terrified of driving in the snow without studded snow tires.
34. I adopt my pets from the pound…
35. Every time I walk into the pound I cry.
36. I’ve always wanted to see the Nutcracker.
37. I LOVE my crock pot
38. I tend to buy myself expensive shoes.
39. I told my husband that we’d take turns cleaning up the poop if we got a dog…
40. I lied…
41. Now he won’t let me buy Maddox a fish.
42. I love going to my piano lessons…
43. Partly because I get out of the house by MYSELF.
44. I have several pairs of really awesome, really high shoes…
45. I don’t ever wear them because they aren’t comfortable.
46. I absolutely hate pulling weeds.
47. I think my Swifer Wet Jet is crappy.
48. Someday I will pay someone to clean my house so I don’t have to.
49. Even though our dogs are 70 & 90 lbs. we give them a bath in our bathtub.
50. I clean the bathtub afterwards.
51. I think pulling the guts out of a turkey or chicken is disgusting.
52. I generally like listening to all different types of music…
53. But I’d rather listen to opera than rap.
54. I LOVE chocolate…
55. But my favorite dessert is Strawberry Shortcake…
56. However, it has to be made with fresh strawberries, not frozen.
57. I get in food ruts.
58. My favorite restaurant right now is Chili’s.
59. When Maddox is older I’m going back to school…
60. I’m not sure yet what I’ll go back to school for.
61. I spend too much time on the computer.
62. Mike’s Hard Lime…Yum
63. I wish I had more energy.
64. I’ve been to Mexico once
65. It was for a mission trip and I stayed in an orphanage
66. I’d like to be a good cook…
67. By good I sort of mean fancy…
68. Someone who cooks things like tarts, or fancy appetizers.
69. I buy all my wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. at the Dollar Store
70. I hardly ever dream when I’m asleep…
71. I wonder what that means about me.
72. I’ve decided I don’t really care for Kettle Corn
73. I prefer Spring and Fall to Summer and Winter
74. Mayonnaise is so gross
75. If I feel like I’m going to puke I cannot function.
76. I like hot chocolate…
77. But I only like the powdery kind that you add water to, not the kind with real chocolate and milk.
78. I dislike selling things…
79. I have to sell a lot of things for Maddox’s preschool.
80. I’d love to have a really fancy kitchen, something from out of a magazine…
81. Stainless steel would be everywhere…
82. Even though stainless is harder to clean
83. I took two years of Spanish in high school…
84. I barely remember any of it.
85. I really like Cinnabon.
86. I’ve promised myself that next Spring I will plant a garden again…
87. I will water it, weed it, and not kill it.
88. I only like tomatoes if they’re tomato sauce.
89. I don’t really like to vote…
90. But I do…
91. Even though I don’t really feel like it makes a difference.
92. I wish my blog had a cool header; maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list.
93. I like doing paperwork…
94. It makes me feel important
95. I like jewelry…
96. I just hardly ever wear it
97. I know the Bob the Builder theme song by heart.
98. I love taking pictures and I think I’m good at it.
99. I enjoy going to a movie theatre to see a movie…
100. Whenever I go out to see a movie I buy way too much crap, and can never eat it all.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

My blog is boring, you're lucky
that I keep it hidden. :)

You don't want a giant trampoline
in your yard, I hear they simply
RUIN yards...

I want to get Lasik too, but
promised myself to do so when
I reach my goal weight. And
seeing that my diet has been
on hold for two weeks, it seems
I'll never get Lasik!

My Swiffer Wet Jet is crappy,
too. I have to sweep before I
use it, and it just doesn't clean

If you like opera, check out
Andrea Bocelli. He's blind, hot
and has a great voice!

Mike's Lemonade is my fave!