Monday, August 27, 2007

Yucky House Update

Here's as we began last weekend. Demolishing the roof.
Here is the house without a roof.

Here's Maddox climbing the ladder to the scaffolding, in an attempt to get to the roof where his favorite people were. (Dad and Grandpa) No he did not climb any higher than that rung, we did not let him run amok on the roof. Over the course of the weekend Maddox drove a forklift, climbed a ladder, picked up shingles (one at a time, then had to be lifted up so he could put them in the truck. This took a LOT of time) hammered things, dug in the dirt, raked up debris, measured things and just generally got in the way. Maddox was lovin' it. I, however, did not. Depending on the day I alternate between accepting and hating this house. Often I resent the time it takes away from our life. There is still MUCH to be done and many more weekends to be consumed by the effort. As for the roof, it is all dried in and inspected, next weekend we're adding the shingles. Then on to the next thing....

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