Saturday, August 25, 2007


If you have a Myspace profile you've probably filled out at least one online survey. Most of these surveys ask you the same questions, and one of them almost always asks if you have any regrets. I've noticed that many people say that no, they don't have any regrets. Well....I call BULLSHIT! How can anyone who is an adult, possibly, not have even one single regret? I have many, and so I'll share some of them with you. I have daily regrets, those which add a little more guilt to the scale weighing towards being a bad mother or crappy wife. I also have life regrets: such as poor financial decisions, stupidity causing me to lose a close friend, and not finishing college. So people, I'm not buying your load of crap. Let's be real, or just leave that question blank.

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Jodi said...

OMG! I totally agree. Although, I think I have been guilt of saying "none" simply because I can't decide which one to write.