Monday, August 27, 2007

50 Glue Sticks Enough?

So we're getting geared up for Maddox to start co-op in a couple of weeks. I have a TON of meetings both this month and next for orientation, etc. I'm on the Executive Board so I have more meetings than most. I volunteered to donate glue sticks, to help with the supply budget, because we're a small co-op. Glue sticks are cheap, 2 for $0.20. I went and bought 50 of them. Then I got thinking...these glue sticks should last all year. How many glue sticks can a kid go through in one year? So I asked Shawn, he told me to go buy 50 more because they're cheap and then we'd be covered for sure. But I 100 glue sticks enough?

BTW...Maddox's backpack finally arrived! It really is the perfect size and he LOVES it!

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