Monday, January 7, 2008

Not going well...Still

So we had a few people over last night for a Wii party. We let Maddox play a little tennis with everyone then put him to bed. We tried a new suggestion and put a baby gate up in his doorway. Hoping that this would keep him in his room. I don't care if he "reads" or plays in his room for a while, he just can't be running around the house. We were downstairs but had the baby monitor on and we were sure that he'd gone to sleep. FINALLY! He was back to being fine with the big boy bed. So we thought. I went upstairs to get everyone another beer. I look around the corner and I see the bottom of the baby gate flip up. Then it flips up again. Then here comes a Maddox trying to crawl underneath the baby gate. He wasn't asleep. I don't know why I was so surprised. Put him back in his bed, went downstairs to make Shawn handle it. Hey, he's home he can take a turn dealing with his child. By the time Shawn got to the top of the stairs Maddox had escaped again. Maddox doesn't like it when Shawn gets unhappy with him (doesn't give a crap if I'M unhappy with him) so after a few minutes we really went to bed. Until 5:00 am when someone starts pulling on my blanket to wake me up. He had escaped again. Oh the Joy.


Lisa said...

Golly... no words here. Just sympathy. Keep us posted!

Grandma said...

It's only fair that your child is giving you a run for your money. What goes around, comes around!