Saturday, March 8, 2008

Success at Last! (maybe...)

The squeaky wheel does get the grease. I called the Infant Toddler Network last week, I was very nice and to make a long story short, they red flagged us as urgent. Balls were dropped, none of which were MY balls, but I personally picked them up and took care of them so I KNEW that they had been taken care of. I now have an appointment Monday afternoon with our Family Resource Coordinator to go over funding options and to sign paperwork. I'm assuming this means that everything is a go and will start to move quickly. I hope things start to move quickly because Maddox has his first speech therapy appointment on the 25th, and we'd better have funding up and running by then. It pays to talk to the person in charge of things when you want results!

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Anonymous said...

So true! At my old job we used to have to give everyone the standard line but if they asked to talk to my boss they'd get an exception every time. The squeaky wheel definitely gets the grease.