Sunday, December 30, 2007

Somebody's got a Big Boy Bed!

I know, I know, having a complete Thomas overload for a bed is a little commercial. I don't really care, because I think we finally got something right! We had Maddox help us take down his crib and set up his new Big Boy bed. We talked all about it, let him play on it, and so obviously made his favorite icon work for us. It is currently 8:10 and he is out for the night without a PEEP. Without a Friggin' PEEP!
(Plus, it's better than sleeping in a bathtub.
Who would let their kid sleep in the bathtub?!)


Lisa said...

That bed is DARLING! Where did you find it? We're starting to rid the extra bedroom of furniture to get it ready as kiddo's new big-girl room. Bed to come soon!

AZMom said...

That is a GREAT bed! How old is your son? He is too cute!