Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is my fourth green bean "harvest" from my garden, and there's more coming where that came from. Every two days I have to go back out there and pick some more. I love my green bean plants! So far they're the only things really going. My basil went to seed, my pea plants didn't get staked up so they're everywhere, my lettuce did ok, zucchini should be coming and looks promising, pumpkins look promising, sunflowers are a no-brainer, potatoes I'm not sure about because they're underground and I don't really know what to do with them (they were given to me), and my peppers are not doing anything at all. So, yeah, I LOVE my green bean plants. However, the only family member not getting sick of green beans is Duncan, he can't get enough. My garden is fenced (good thing!) and when that gate opens Duncan comes running! I always give him a little something, I mean they're just vegetables. I noticed something weird though a few days ago. It looked like some of my green beans had bites out of them. But my garden is fenced...weird. Then I caught him in the act. Duncan goes to both sides of the garden fence, sticks his nose through the chain-link, pulls whatever plant he can reach through and helps himself. He loves his veggies!

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