Sunday, June 1, 2008

Scary Lobsters!

My birthday is this week but we celebrated early this year due to a busy schedule. We went into Coeur d' Alene to go to some quilt shops there (I LOVE me some fabric) and we ate dinner at Red Lobster. We made a big deal out of showing Maddox the lobsters because they're cool. ***Flash back a few weeks to when Ruk tried to hand Maddox a baby chick and Maddox actually fell over he was so scared*** We thought this was different, I mean the lobsters are in a tank, there are rubber bands over their claws. He was ok at first, wanted to see them halfway through dinner, but on our way out the door he freaked. At bedtime Maddox was really upset and we couldn't figure out what his problem was. I mean, since speech therapy started he has more words but still less than a dozen, so we didn't know what the problem was. I just laid down with him because we figured he was still not feeling that great from his sinus infection. Then Friday night he was fine. Last night he pulled a repeat of Thursday night. So I'm trying to get him to tell me what the hell the problem is. My kid has lost it. So he does his sign for scary. So I'm like ok he's scared, but of what?! Then he does his made up sign for lobster and points to the top of his Thomas bed canopy thing. So my kid thinks there are lobsters hiding on top of his bed and are going to get him. After we establish that, yes, this is what the problem is he freaks out even more! So I tell him that there are no lobsters in his bed because lobsters only live in the water. He's not buying it. So then I tell him that if he has a dream about a lobster, because there will be no lobsters in his bed, he just needs to tell the lobster to stop and walk away. He stopped and thought about that for a while, then laid down for a few minutes, then pops back up and reaffirms that all he has to do is say stop, then goes to bed. My kid has wildlife issues!

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OMG poor kid!